BJP must not concede too much to PDP in Govt formation, alliance should be on equitable terms


The so-called secular politicians and experts are worried over the proposed coalition of the Saffron BJP, and the Green PDP in Jammu and Kashmir as they are not able to fathom how two parties with extreme political positions will be able to rule the state. It is said that politics is the art of the impossible, and if the two allies BJP, and PDP are able to run the coalition smoothly then it would mean the defeat of so-called secularists, and those who have been baking bread in the name of soft separatism. In the name of religion, and regional differences politicians of different hues, and agendas have ensured that they monopolize the democratic discourse while people keep on waiting for development, jobs, and growth. There is unemployment in Kashmir, and in Jammu as well, and both regions share similar problems, and if a right thinking government formed by the two opposing forces is able toi give a stable, and honest government then nothing better than this.

The BJP, and PDP have to enter an alliance is the natural corollary of the fact that both parties have got large vote share from respective regions. The critics argue that BJP is a party of unitarian-nationalists while PDP is a party which supports soft separatism, and the truck between these two parties is not natural, and would not survive the vagaries of politics. But these arguments would have to proven untrue by both parties to silence the critics.

The deal is already taking too long but the good news is that a Common Minimum Programme with agenda of both the parties is taking shape, and all contentious issues are being discussed threadbare. The only worry for people of Jammu is that they should not once again feel shortchanged in the name of strategic or national interests. In the past there have been several instances where politicians, parties, and interest groups from Jammu, and more importantly Delhi have made too many concessions to Kashmir centric parties, and this is one pitfall BJP should avoid this time while entering into a partnership with PDP.

The BJP must realize that PDP has little option but to align with it, and it has the backing of the central government which would play an important role in setting the agenda for governance. The BJP, and PDP can play an important role in reconciliation, and bringing the two regions, and communities together on equitable terms. The integration of the two regions, and end of regional discrimination are as important as bringing to end the alienation of the people of Kashmir, and bringing them back into national mainstream. By making an alliance, and delivering good governance both parties will strengthening their credibility, and also respect the verdict given by people of Kashmir and Jammu who have voted for end to corruption, nepotism, and adhocism in administration. They want a government that functions, and empowers them as citizens. A government which does not run away during the floods, and which is able to provide relief in the aftermath of a disaster. This did not happen under the NC-Congress regime, and challenge for the BJP-PDP would be to ensure that this is not repeated again.

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