BJP must re-caliberate it’s Jammu strategy to change popular mood


jharkhand-polls-bjp-promises-stability-transparency-welfare-state-in-stateAfter winning a record election in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP which came to power for the first times seems to have lost it’s bearings in just a couple of months into power. The state leadership has repeatedly proved inept in countering the wily Mufti, and his Kashmir centric PDP in safeguarding the interests of Jammu. Secondly, power which should have empowered the saffron leadership seems to have encumbered the local leaders. It is because of this that BJP high command in Delhi has to repeatedly direct them to take a pro-people or pro-Jammu stand, and withstand the pressure tactics of the PDP.

The saffron leadership in the state is right now behaving like majority of Indian sportspersons who pursue a game till they get a job with the government or PSUs. The BJP too worked hard to get in power, was very loud in projecting the demands of people, promised to check discrimination against Jammu at every forum but like the Indian sportsperson once you have got the job, and in this case power, you need not worry about the Olympic gold, and world championship. It is because of the failure of the party to work as a combined unit for Jammu that it is repeatedly coming under fire, and losing popularity among the masses. Two instances of how the party has been either outmaneuvered or has forced into committing mistakes is the shifting o AIIMS to Kashmir, and now the proposed shelving of the Tawi lake project.

Although the state BJP after getting a reprimand from the high command did try to manage the situation by announcing that the lake project was on course, and it was not dropped but the damage has been done. The people in Jammu are angry, and resentment is brewing over the manner in which each and every poll promise made by BJP has been compromised. The coalition government must understand that governance is not about annoying a large part of the state while trying to consolidate gain for a particular constituency. The new government needs time for development, creating jobs, reviving tourism and economy. As such instead of stoking needless controversies both BJP, and PDP should look for ways to engage people in a constructive manner. If people in Jammu decide to take the agitation route then it would impossible for the saffron party to create the landslide victory.