BJP-PDP take committee route to hammer differences, Govt formation on cards


legislative council elections jammu and Kashmir, jammu, kashmir, bjp, pdp, bjp-pdp, MLC elections jammu and kashmir, MLC elections J&KThe two month long negotiations between the BJP, and the PDP are likely to conclude today with the formation of the coalition government as sources revealed the discussion between the to sides has reached a critical stage. The Common Minimum Programme which has been a bone of contention has been finalized in a very careful manner, and all controversial articles such as abrogation of Article 370, removal of AFSPA, and citizenship rights to the West Pak refugees have been discussed threadbare.

Almost entire top brass of state BJP is in Delhi, and it has been informed about the new developments that have taken place at the top level between the two parties. It is most likely that announcement to form the government would also be made soon. The ball sources said is now in the court of RSS which is likely to stamp the final approval, and if every things goes well the blessings of the Sangh would also come. There is also a feeling in the BJP that government formation should not be delayed in J&K as it could have negative affect for both the parties. There is already a sustained campaign being run against the PDP in Kashmir and the BJP leadership in Delhi has realized that delaying government formation could bring down the resolve of the Muftis to enter an alliance with them.

As per the deal, the two coalition partners have agreed to form a committee to look into the issue of afspa, and suggest areas from where it could be lifted. On Article 370 the BJP has refused to give any written assurance but it is believed that both parties have agreed to say that they will respect the aspirations of the people of the state, and within it’s constitution. The issue of West Pak refugees will also be present in the CMP, and it is expected to be treated as an humanitarian problem which be resolved in due course of time.

Sources said that to hammer the differences on key issues both the parties have decided to form a Committee which will look into issues such as AFSPA.

PDP patron Mufti Mohd Sayeed who will be the CM has however reiterated that they would stick to the core agenda of the party, and will not sell out on issues concerning the state. Former CM Omar Abdullah however did not resist from taking a potshot by alleging that PDP had indulged in a sell out.

Omar said in a tweet: “Dear Mufti Sahib, please don’t say you won’t ‘sell out’ because you’ve already done that by helping BJP in the Legislative Council elections.” “You (Sayeed) already ‘sold out’ by demanding Art 370 status quo when you had sold ‘Self Rule’ to people in J and K, please stop playing the martyr.”

Omar perhaps forgot that he had an alliance with the same BJP during the Vajpayee government, and he was also a part of it.

The BJP leadership in Delhi meanwhile has called the party leaders from the state, and is trying to explain them that it has not buckled under pressure from PDP.

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