BJP in full swing to win the fourth Rajya Sabha seat; seeks PDP’s help


The two political partners PDP and BJP who are to hold the reins of the Jammu and Kashmir politics for the next six years are venturing to sail through another massive challenge of Rajya Sabha Elections in collaboration. The two  are aiming to bid on the four Rajya Sabha seats before they make the formal announcement of their six year long partnership.

BJP PDP Rajya Sabha elections Jammu Kashmir

Reportedly, the BJP had sought the help of the Kashmir centric party to ensure that the two in collaboration would bag all four seats. February 7 will decide on the four Rajya Sabha seats in the winter capital. The two parties are contesting the RS Elections as “unspoken partners”. They are unofficially jointly contesting the poll as they have fielded two candidates each and are all set to grab a minimum of three seats, if not all four. The two parties mutually are counting on the three seats positively but the fate of the fourth seat is still marked with uncertainty. Congress has set its veteran leader Ghulam Nabi Azad for the final fourth seat. Congress with the backing of the NC is anticipating to win the fourth seat.

Now wooing the three independent MLAs Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami, Hakeem Muhammad Yaseen and Engineer Rashid could do the parties some favour in winning the fourth dubious seat. BJP as per reports is coercing the PDP to convince two out of the three Independents to support them or convince them to refrain from casting their vote during elections. As told by sources the BJP is trying hard to woo the Independents on its own but is also piling up the PDP with pressure to help them win both the seats. PDP is likely to win both the seats and BJP hence doesn’t want to be content with just one. The result of the Rajya Sabha Elections will build the foundation of the new government in the state and BJP is in full swing to avail the opportunity by nailing the fourth seat down.


PDP spokesperson Naeem Akhtar said that there is no time frame for forming the government. Once our party discerns that we have reached a position where we can start a structured dialogue and come up with the common minimum program, we will do that but prior to that we just want to focus on the upcoming challenge of Rajya Sabha Elections. We want to win our share of two seats and willing to help the BJP win its two seats as well.