BJP releases manifesto with a vision of holistic development in the Jammu and Kashmir


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BJP released the party manifesto for the ongoing Assembly Elections, the manifesto was launched by Jugal Kishore in Fortune Riviera, Jammu The manifesto ensures to make the state a peaceful, progressive and developed state of the Union of India through holistic and inclusive development of all the three regions, with their Modus Operandi focusing on Tourism, Infrastructure, Modernization and Empowerment. The party assured that the first major work at hand will be the provision of relief and rehabilitation to the victims of the unprecedented rain fall in the first week of September. The relief measures will be accelerated in a Mission mode and justice will be ensured to all the aggrieved individuals and families. The manifesto further highlights the development of tourism in the state, it would be developed on the lines of Switzerland to make it a preferred destination for tourists. The party promises to focus on the areas like connectivity, energy, information technology, Social Infrastructure, Environment, water conservation, Disaster management and also restoration of Ecological Balance. People of the state  are yearning for good governance since long and BJP assures them a corruption-free, responsive and people-friendly government with a singular agenda of development. Inclusive growth and empowerment of all sections is a major concern and many sections like Women, Farmers, youth would be paid attention. The party promises to settle the Refugees and Displaced Kashmiri Pandits.