BJP State Chief ‘Sat Sharma’ gone missing

BJP State Chief 'Sat Sharma' gone missing

Jammu, February 04: Possibly, taking a cue from the bollywood movie PK, a missing poster of BJP MLA Sat Sharma was found posted at Sarwal Chowk.The poster says that the BJP MLA Sat Sharma has gone ‘missing’ ever since his election to the State Assembly.

The MLA belongs to Jammu West constituency and Sarwal falls under the same constituency. The poster claims that you would not be able to find the MLA irrespective of the effort put in further calling him an ‘eid ka chand’. The poster brazenly questions the achievements of the MLA who is also the state president of BJP at present.

Also, a picture of dilapidated Sarwal road was attached with the posters to project that the MLA has done nothing for the development of the area.

Another line from the poster reads, ‘Anyone who guides the MLA to this road, would be suitably rewarded.’ In the end, the poster reads that the poster has been issued by ‘pareshan log’ (upset people).

So far it has not been ascertained who is behind the mischievous act.

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