BJP State Spokesperson Dr. Nirmal Kamal said that government is following “Pakistan first” Policy in a press release issued today


nirmal kamal

In an era, where public has well understood the significance of “India first”, the state players in the government have been following “Pakistan first” proving their anti-national and anti-people credentials by unanimously passing obnoxious resolution lauding concerns of Pakistan in the Upper House. This was stated by BJP State Spokesperson Dr. Nirmal Kamal in a press release issued today.

By passing such resolution in the J&K Legislative Council to put pressure on the central government to talk to Pakistan- a widely condemned country indulged in proxy war with India, the leaders in the J&K assembly, have exposed themselves by declaring themselves more sincere to Pakistan and shown that they can go to any extent to woo the voters at the cost of precious lives of soldiers fighting on the borders and thousands of innocent people now displaced from their native border areas, said Dr. Nirmal Kamal adding that Resolution passed also proves that Chief Minister of this state and his henchmen have no concern for the miseries of the families of the soldiers killed while on duty and the border people who earlier also had to flee from the borders in 1965, 1971 and several other occasions.

Dr. Nirmal Kamal reminded the people that Omar Abdullah had shown concern towards the people of Jammu for the first time at Katra, in his address when Prime Minister had inaugurated Udhampur – Katra train. It was nothing but theatrical fictitious act as he still has not learnt any lesson which is explicit from the fact that he has not visited border areas Jammu to understand the pain of displaced people but has more concern for Pakistan.

Ridiculing the stand taken by Members of Legislative Council, Dr. Nirmal Kamal added, they should have taken advice from Gulam Nabi Azad, who categorically said that “time is not conducive for talks with Pakistan”. Instead of playing in the hands of NC leaders, Congress leaders should have applied their minds accepting leadership instincts of NC in the Council. She further said that frustration drives one to take wrong decisions. Leaders from the ruling alliance seem shaken from the growing popularity of Mission 44+ and so the people of the State have started trusting BJP and policies of Prime Minister Narender Modi. People of the all the three regions of the state have also understood that the spirit of patriotism can make India as most developed Nation and so J&K as most developed state, not anti-India and anti-people attributes from the anti-Nationals in the state.

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