BJP still playing around with the sentiments of WPRs; six month deadline just a delaying tactic



Just a day ago Amit Shah assured the rehabilitation of the West Pak Refugees within six months but the chances of restoring constitutional rights of this community continue to remain bleak, considering that many such promises have been made by various political groups in the past as well.  The national parties, be it Congress or the BJP, have repeatedly made such promises but have failed to withstand the pressure of separatist groups and opposing Kashmir centric parties.

West Pakistan refugee leader Ramesh Singh lambasted the BJP and said that setting up of a six month deadline holds no reason as the party has a decisive mandate at the Centre and is also a ruling partner of the incumbent coalition government. BJP lacks guts to withstand the pressure of opposing separatist groups and this is just a delaying tactic of the party, he added.

PM Modi had been vociferously supporting the demand of citizenship rights to the West Pak refugees in his poll campaigns and BJP too had made the issue their core demand in the agenda. However, the party took no time to forget the promises after attaining power and shamelessly discarded the helpless refugees again. During BJP’s election campaign in the Lok Sabha polls, the citizenship rights to these refugees was a focal point but later in Assembly Elections the humane issue was dumped away along with the other promises of the party. BJP discarded the issue just for the sake of power and to win over Kashmir.

While in his rally, Modi had questioned why the West Pakistan refugees are deprived of their fundamental rights are made to live helpless since 1947. During the parliamentary elections, the BJP had assured their rehabilitation and had given them a new hope but after bagging 25 seats in the Assembly elections, all the issues were forgotten. The Kashmir centric parties continue to maintain their disapproval over the issue as the rehabilitation of West Pak refugees could temper with the special status of J&K.

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