BJP teams visit flood hit areas


Politics in relief operations unacceptable : Jugal


To assess the damages and losses suffered by the victims of the recent flood in R.S Pura, Suchetgarh, Marh and Raipur-Domana assembly constituencies and the relief work done by the government agencies till date, a high powered team of state BJP leadership led by its State President & Member of Parliament Jugal Kishore Sharma and consisting of  Leader of Legislative Party Ashok Khajuria, State General Secretary Bali Bhagat, MLAs—Sham Choudhary, Prof. Gharu Ram, Sukhnandan Kumar and Bharat Bhushan, State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan, Ex-servicemen Cell Convenor Brig. Anil Gupta, party activist Aditi Sharma, undertook extensive tour of flood affected areas of these constituencies.

The team visited Jassore, Badyal Brahmana, Vikrama, Nadi, Chak Hanso, Sajadpur, Nandpur, Malikpur, Khariyein, Nadwal, Lalyal, Gho Manasa, Surey Chak, Malkey Chak, Simble, Neeri, Khandwal, Ban.


Jugal Kishore Sharma, while expressing shock over the plight of the areas, said that many houses, prime agriculture land, bridges, bunds, embankments etc. had washed away and almost entire standing crops had been destroyed by the unprecedented flash floods. “To cap this tragedy, there was no sign of state administration existing anywhere in these areas and the people of these areas had not been provided even a token relief”, he mentioned.  He said that during the initial days after floods, the ministers had gone in hiding and now having come out of their hibernation, are busy distributing cheques in their constituencies to their favourites, solely making the selection of the beneficiaries on the consideration of party interests. “Narendra Modi led government has given more than ample assistance and aid to the state government and has assured that there shall be no constraint on the further assistance, now the state government has only to galvanize itself and start relief and rehabilitation measures as also reconstruction of the damaged and destroyed public utilities and assets to bring the lives of the victims on rails”, he said and asked the flood control authorities to immediately take repair work of the damaged bunds etc. and the PWD to repair the damaged roads, connecting roads, small bridges and culverts in the areas.  MP declared that ministers’ pick and choose approach in relief distribution and politics in relief and rehab operations will not be tolerated.

Ashok Khajuria said that the administration, it seems, is under paralysis and moves only in places where the ministers’ political interests warrant. The great proclamations and tall claims made by the government, stand exposed as untrue by the plight of the victims of these areas being away from the glare and scrutiny of the media and social activists. He said that there is anger and resentment among the people against the government on account of its total neglect of their plight and the government should wakeup to discharge duties. “Since Relief and rehab process and operation are state subject, State Govt is solely responsible for its distribution, but it’s unfortunate that the Govt and Ministers securing their own personal interests over cries and miseries of affected people of the State”, Khajuria resented.

Many affected people also submitted their details of losses to the visiting MP, who assured them that their claims will be assessed in impartial manner at the earliest.

Sat Pal Pappi, Karnail Singh, Jasbir Singh Lucky, Ashok Choudhary, Rashpal Singh, Sita Ram narrated the woes of the affected people to the visiting team.

Meanwhile, a team led by BJP National Executive Member Shamsher Singh Manhas and comprising of State General Secretary Rajiv Jasrotia, Kathua District President Vijay Sharma, Hiranagar MLA Durga Dass and Ex-MLA Prem Lal visited different flood affected areas of Kathu district.

Another team of BJP leaders comprising of MLA Baldev Sharma, Senior leader S.S. Bijral and others distributed relief material among the flood affected families in Bhamag, Moungri, Dubbi Gali, Kainth Gali areas falling in Reasi assembly constituency and which have suffered massive losses and damages.