BJP thrives on communal politics and believes in polarization: Lone


‘No problem if Jammu threatens to separate from Kashmir’

PDP-BJP alliance will be an unethical : Lone

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LONESrinagar: Newly elected National Conference legislator from Sonawar Assembly segment, Muhammad Akbar Lone Monday said that People’s Democratic Party will betray the people of Kashmir if it forms an alliance with Bhartiya Janata Party. He said people voted for PDP against BJP and this party will do injustice to the mandate of the people if it will form government with BJP. Lone said that an alliance between PDP, NC and Congress will have no repercussions and it will not affect Jammu and Ladakh. “All the three parties including Congress, PDP and NC have secured seats from Jammu as well. PDP has its mandate from Rajouri while Congress secured the seats from Ladakh. How can it affect the people of Jammu and all these parties form government in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

Former Higher Education Minister said that some people who are mostly communal have problem with PDP and NC. “They have to think and it is there problem if they tomorrow come up with a demand for separate statehood to Jammu. The statement issued by Sri Ram Saink is absurd and communal. We have no problem if they want to separate Jammu from Kashmir,” he said. Lone said that it will be unethical for PDP to join hands with BJP.

“BJP thrives on communal politics and this party believes in polarization. Kashmiri people will suffer heavily if an alliance comes into effect between PDP and BJP,” he said adding that at any cost Kashmiri politicians should keep communal forces at bay.

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