BJP to launch ‘beti bachao beti padhao’ drive


Jammu, July 18: Abiding by Call of PM Narinder Bhai Modi, BJP embarked on state wide drive ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ (BBBP) to tackle growing menace of disturbing Child Sex Ratio (CSR) with ‘girl child’- future mother- gravely threatened endangering future generations and the civilization.”

Announcing this in press conference at State BJP headquarters Jammu, S.S. Bijral (Retired IGP) & Convener of State Committee constituted to tackle burning issue of falling CSR said that of 100 critical marked districts with lowest CSR, four districts of J&K also figure amongst them condition though no better in other districts too, party leadership’s decision to have a concerted drive launched for mass awareness is very timely. He said a seminar on topic ‘Sirf Beta Hi Kyon Beti Kyon Nahin’ on July 20 at Jammu Club auditorium at 10.30 am with Justice (Retd.) Permod Kohli Former Chief Justice Sikkim High Court as chief guest shall set the ball rolling.

Bijral said, “In this drive focus shall be on firstly aware society that falling CSR  harms national/society interests for which committees for each district to further establish campaign system at Mandal, ward and booth level have been constituted; secondly involve social/ religious leadership to raise voice to protect future generations instilling sense of pride and respect in women being source of character and nation building; thirdly agitate technical hands facilitating misuse of otherwise useful technology against it to fulfill their national responsibility and formal proposal has been sent to Health Minister Ch. Lal Singh for our reach out to budding doctors of Medical colleges and faculty of hospitals state wide; fourthly let the deterrence of Pre-Conception & Pre-Natal  Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act 1994 (PC&PNDT Act) be effective learning about its flaws  through public cooperation and fifthly popularize various govt. schemes launched by NDA govt. under leadership of PM Narinder Modi for healthy growth of girl child.

Referring to history, S.S. Bijral said, “Inability of governments of the time to secure women –societal valuable asset- from raiders and ignoring them at home in favour of male child since they are to finally build others family, the society rendered biologically strong women to be weak and thus established trend to opt against them as a choice in sex selection”. He said let society give proof of its strength and secure its wealth-women-by being strong mentally and physically when women shall prove themselves in tune with saying of Adolf Hitler “Give me good mothers, I shall give you good nation.”

Expressing firm faith in the drive launched for health promotion of girl child and success of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao drive, Bijral who believes that we all are spiritual beings having physical experience and not physical beings with spiritual experience cited Guru Nanak verse “So Kyon Manda Aakhiyeh Jit Jammey Rajan”, meaning how can we call that bad who gives birth to the king and noble.

‘Beti bachao beti padhao’ drive committee state members Vinod Gupta, Anju Dogra and Bhanu Pratap Jasrotia were also present in the press conference

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