BJP for transparent distribution of relief, says Dr. Nirmal Kamal


Showing serious concern over reports of mishandling of “relief distribution” among the people rescued from the deluge created by flood fury in the state, the BJP State Spokesperson Dr. Nirmal Kamal made assertion for transparency in the distribution of relief material by the governmental agencies. In a press handout issue today, She said that various voluntary and government agencies are involved in relief collection and distribution but there are reports that the relief is not reaching the affected people who are virtually left high and dry due to the mighty nature’s catastrophe in both the regions of the state particularly in Jammu. Infact, the ruling government has lost trust of the people and so the people have started demanding some centralized agency to distribute relief material fairly. This view is very openly being aired in the valley

Dr. Nirmal Kamal informed that due to very timely action taken by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come to the rescue of the people trapped in death and life battle in the deep waters of Jhelum Chenab and Tawi as well mighty landslides on the mountainous highways in the state, people in the state have appreciated role played by the PM and the Central government. The people have lost faith in the ruling government who had disappeared during the most difficult time when the people actually required government to rescue them.

Moreover, the calamity which began showing its fury on 3rd of September, Dr. Nirmal Kamal alleged that it was caused by deep corruption flared under the patronage of the government itself. Had the government not allowed fiddling with the nature, the scale this catastrophe would not have been so high. The state government appeared on the scene much after the Prime Minister of the country announced liberal financial help to bring the state on the lines of normalcy. The state government announced Rs. 100 crores each to both the regions of the state, which is certainly is a help “too little and too late”. Understanding the concern of the people, BJP supports the suggestion of the aggrieved people for a centralized agency to distribute relief material-both in cash and kind in the absence of an honest and sincere government, said Dr. Nirmal Kamal.


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