BJP victory in J&K marks the end of discrimination, corruption, and nepotism: Arun Gupta


BJP JammuThe BJP leadership in the centre, and in Jammu and Kashmir is elated over the strong performance posted by the state unit despite the fact that it felt short of it’s stated mission of winning 44 seats. BJP state spokesperson Arun Kumar Gupta said that today’s verdict was the victory of the people who showed immense courage, and defied the militant threats to come out and vote in large numbers. Gupta who is also incharge of the BJP state media cell told citizen journalist Sunil Kumar that participating in this historic election was a great and learning experience. “The resilience of the democracy was quite visible during the elections, and I am fortunate that as the party spokesperson I was able to covey the message in the right way. The people realized that BJP’s agenda of good governance, and development of all was crucial for the state”, he asserts. The BJP spokesperson also asserts that this victory means that politics of corruption, nepotism, and discrimination which has prevailed in the state since last 60 years will be brought to an end.

Jammu and Kashmir for many years has been dominated by sub-regional parties which have catered to only their own constituencies while the large cause of the people, the state, and the nation has been forgotten. “We are happy that BJP was able to convey the message to the people that politics has to rise above parochial issues. The verdict clearly shows that people have accepted the vision of PM Modi, and his leadership which is going to shape a lot of things” he said. Kashmir has been dominated by only two families, and they have by and large worked for their own cause, and to perpetuate their hegemony. The common man was neglected in all these years, and the election result today is the manifestation of the frustration felt by people in the last six decades”, says the BJP spokesperson. The response which PM Modi got across the state was massive, and it is the hardwork put in by BJP top leadership which has ensured that party has posted a historic performance. As far as the party’s performance in Jammu region is concerned, Gupta says that the party has deep roots in this areas since the Praja Parishad days, and the ideology of the party is understood by the masses. “We also understand the pain of Jammu, and know that the faith of the people has to be restored by the party leaders by strongly taking up the cause of Jammu”, asserts Gupta.

Asked about the strong stand taken by party in dropping the names of the tainted candidates prior to elections, Gupta says that it was like a surgical operation which was carried out to ensure that leaders, and politician who were not acceptable to people did not get the mandate. “The strategy has paid us well, and the young leaders have won the confidence of the people”, he says. On the difficulties of managing the three regions, Gupta agrees that it was a great challenge to manage the differences which the three regions of Jammu and Ladakh, and Kashmir represent but it was done keeping in mind the micro issues as well as the larger cause of the state. “We focussed on the basic issues of governance, corruption, and nepotism which was represented by the previous regime. Also ending the disparity between Kashmir, and Jammu on financial, and political and social planes”, he said.

He concludes by expressing the gratitude to the voters for the manner in which they participated in the elections, and promises on behalf of the party that it will fulfill the promises made to the voters as their support was the most vital thing the party counted upon.

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