BJP wants equitable and effective progress of all the three regions: Arun Jaitley


arun jaitley jammu

In series of the party’s Vision Seminars being organized on different subjects and addressed by different Union Ministers, the State BJP organized similar one for Mission 44+ at Jammu on Sunday, where Union Minister of Finance, Information & Broadcasting Arun Jaitley was the main speaker.

Addressing this seminar, Jaitley explained the imperative of Mission 44+ of BJP, where leaders of industry, trade and commerce and civil society were present. Arun Jaitley said that BJP wants equitable and effective progress of all the three distinct geographical and demographical regions of the state and for this stands for distribution of resources on equality basis to ensure non discrimination amongst these regions. Both the regional parties in association with Congress in the state have completely failed to address the problems of the public and whose genuine grievances have not been removed till date. All the three regions of the state entertain genuine grievances of under-development, unemployment, poverty, lack of civic amenities and scarcity of essentials of life like water, power etc. The discrimination is widely felt by the people of Jammu and Ladakh regions at the hands of regional parties in collaboration with Congress. In any case, Congress has been decimated in the recent parliamentary elections and is not going to cross two figure tally in the assembly elections. In these elections, caste and family based political parties have also been totally rejected by the Indian electorate as also by the voters of their traditional support bastions. To ensure justice to all the three regions of the state, success of the BJP’s Mission 44+ is essential.

Allaying any doubt that may be entertained with regard to Kashmir not getting focused attention from a BJP government, Jaitley said that BJP would leave no stone unturned to see that Kashmir also develops in step with other regions of the state. The problems of common Kashmiri would be addressed by the BJP government with the same zeal with which it would tackle the Jammu and Ladakh problems. The BJP is opposed to separatists and their supporters and wants every common Kashmiri to feel secure, happy and enjoy the true and genuine democratic ambiance. Prosperous, developed and modernized state of Jammu and Kashmir is an ideological article of faith for BJP.

Adverting to the under development of the state, Jaitley said that no private investor would invest in a place where he cannot own the land and where his children cannot get state employment nor he can own a house. No proficient technocrat and doctor would come to state as he cannot own a residential house nor can his children aspire as being equal. It is extremely obscurationist to deny fundamental democratic rights to those who have been residing here since last 60 to 70 years. This state enjoys far more powers than other states but that has not made the state prosperous. Its endemic poverty, under-development, unemployment continues till date notwithstanding its government enjoying vast powers in comparison to other states. What the state requires is a governance of the BJP and making success of Mission 44+ is prime requirement for it.

The welcome address was delivered by BJP State Spokesperson Sunil Sethi while vote of thanks was presented by BJP JK Cell State Convener  S.S. Bijral.

Union MoS in PMO Dr. Jitendra Singh, BJP National Gen. Secretary(Org.) Ram Lal, Leader of Legislative party Ashok Khajuria, Former Union MoS & MLA Prof. Chaman Lal Gupta, National Executive Member Shamsher Singh Manhas, State Spokesperson Sunil Sethi(Adv.) and BJP JK Cell State Convener  S.S. Bijral shared the dais.

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