BJP’s objective to make India world leader: Ashish Sood


BJP’s programmes are intended to build stronger and better coordination in the organization, cadre and public. This was informed in a party meeting held at its headquarters, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu. Addressed by J&K BJP president, Ravinder Raina, its Seh-Prabhari, Ashish Sood and general secretary (Org.), Ashok Koul meeting witnessed the thorough discussions on the upcoming party programmes.

J&K BJP vice-president Pawan Khajuria, party general secretary Dr Devinder Kumar Manyal, Arvind Gupta, Munish Sharma and Sanjay Kumar Baru participated. While addressing the meeting, Ravinder Raina said that BJP had taken every pro-people stance and decision, powered by the energetic and selfless work of the party activists at the ground level.

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He said that despite the dedicated and unparalleled work by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take care of every citizen of the nation while increasing the country’s pride, the opposition has kept playing opportunistic politics to make the government bleed.

“The countrymen have successfully negated the malicious campaign of opposition parties, and people have complete faith in the PM Modi led Government and the policies of BJP”, Raina said. Ashish Sood said that BJP had come a long way from gaining the confidence of the common masses, and this can purely be attributed to the hard work and sacrifices of party workers.

He insisted that the BJP as a political party was not framed to make personal gains but to take significant steps towards the realization of more extraordinary dreams, for the betterment of the society, for the welfare of the last person standing in the row and for making the nation as the world leader.

Ashok Koul discussed the party’s forthcoming programmes with the party leaders and stressed that BJP’s programs are specifically intended to build stronger and better coordination in the organization, cadre and public. He said that all the party programmes are to be done with the involvement of the ground level activists and the common masses.

“Ground level programmes ensure that the party ideology reaches the public and public’s expectations reach the party leadership”, he added.