BJP’s strategy fails in J&K as PDP calls all the shots in Govt formation

With PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti not very keen on continuing the alliance with BJP, the saffron party is now on the back foot as it’s plan to find a foothold in J&K government and administration has suffered a major setback. The BJP leaders who had shunned the nationalist ideology of the party for a share in J&K government are now being blamed for failing to understand the nitty gritties of local politics.

BJP insiders allege that the role of outside experts who were roped in to formulate the agenda of alliance while local activists, and leaders were left behind to fume is now being questioned. The role played by certain central leaders who forgot to evaluate the local sentiments, and give weight to their suggestions has lead to this costly mistake. The Kashmir policy adopted by the BJP under Amit Shah who pushed for appeasing voters in Kashmir while taking Jammu for granted has also alienated a large section of population in Jammu, and also loyal party workers. The failure of the local MLAs, and MPs to connect with masses in Jammu while the party continued to appease Kashmir is also being blamed for the present impasse as PDP feels it is in a far stronger position as compared to BJP. PDP on the other hand has played it’s hands deftly because it does not want to dilute it’s support base among the pro-separatist elements in Kashmir.

A BJP insider however alleged that the party failed the people of Jammu by agreeing to unjust demands of the Kashmir centric party. In his opinion, the decision of central leadership to allow a single person to call all the shots with respect to government formation lead to the present debacle. Right now the party is in a position where it can neither count on the PDP nor it can scout for other alliance partners, and has been left alone. Failure of the BJP leaders to take a strong stand, and rope in local leadership, intellectuals, and other local stakeholders has now allowed the PDP to call all the shots.

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