Blanket ban on Polythene in Jammu? You must be blind!


By Citizen Journalist Neha Mahajan

There is a so called blanket ban in force in Jammu, which more or less is a joke. Shopkeepers in Jammu continue to provide polythene bags to the customers and customers have no issues in using them.

The Jammu Municipality from time to time conducts raids at shops and fines them but honestly, the raids are a formality since the minuscule fines are not really a deterrent to the shopkeepers and even more so, the rehriwalas.

polythene bag (2)


According to JMC officials, the blanket ban had forced several business establishments to order jute bags fearing raids. However, the people in the city need constant policing so that the menace can be curbed.

The officials also said that the shops across Gandhi Nagar, Trikuta Nagar, Raghu Nath Bazar, Parade and Kachi Chawni had even started using non-polythene bags, but the problem has resurfaced.

JMC officials admit that many small units were involved in making polythene bags.

polythene bag (5)
As per SRO 182, issued by the government on June 18, 2008, polythene bags are banned in the state under the J&K Non-Biodegradable Material (Management, Handling and Disposal) Act, 2007.

Manufacture, trade, transportation or use of polythene bags is illegal in the state.

The vegetable vendors have a different excuse. “We do not have such large orders for jute bags and the smaller quantities turn out to be expensive orders. The customers do not complain either.”


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