Blind graduate begs at Bawe Temple to fund his and sister’s education

Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu, July 2 :  The curse of being blind was not misfortune enough for this young lad, that he had to fall prey to the menace of Unemployment. A graduate student, Ram Pratap Misra, is forced to beg outside a temple in order to continue his and his sister’s studies.


On an average, he sends around Rs 10,000 to his sister back home in Balrampur district near Lucknow and the rest of the money, he saves in his saving account.  Misra doesn’t wish to continue on this path, however, he is waiting for his master’s to complete. He has also applied for various jobs and wishes to leave as soon as he finds a job. Ram Misra yearns to live a respectable life.

Last year, he applied for a job in Bank of Baroda, where he failed the typing test. Since then, he has been practicing typing whenever he goes home.

His Family and relatives are unaware of his pennilessness and the line of work that he has adopted in Jammu.

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