All about Blood Moon- the rare lunar eclipse


bloodBy CJ Amaya

The day October 8,2014 is much in talk as it will figure a very rare Lunar eclipse,many myths and controversies regarding this eclipse are coming up all over the world so for a clear picture of the day here are a few facts to pacify your doubts and queries:

1.What is going to happen?- There is much thrill to watch this ‘near impossible’ celestial happening i.e. the blood moon which is actually the second of the series. Also known as Hunter’s Moon,this is referred as rae because this selenelion eclipse will trace both Sun and the Moon visible on both horizons for one brief moment. Lunar Eclipse takes place when the Sun and the Moon line up in a way where Earth is in between the two,not allowing the Sun’s light to reach the Moon. Nevertheless,a minute amount of light manages to seep through the eldes of the Earth’s atmosphere creating the magnificent Blood Moon

2. Why is the Moon Red? – During this Eclipse the Moon will be hued in a little red or close to copper as it reflects sunrises and sunsets happening around the world at that time. While the moon is in shadow, some light from the Sun still manages to seep through Earth’s atmosphere. Red amongst other blocked colors,is able to penetrate the atmosphere on a better scale comparatively which is why the Moon is Red.

3.Timings and regions- A good deal for skygazers today as one can look for much happenings in the sky. The places showing the celestial activity prominently are the coastal areas-Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Guntur, Rajahmundry, Kakinada, Kurnool, Anantpur and other cities of Andhra Pradesh. 05:44 to 18:06 IST-this period being reffered as Sutak-which is usually observed 9 hours before the Lunar Eclipse. People delve into their rituals of fasting and praying during this perios,some are suggested to stay indoors-particularly pregnant women and a bath is recommended after the conclusion of Sutak.

blooddd5.Controversial significance- Total Lunar Ecplise held numerous meanings in different cultures and countries. Where the Egyptians believed a sow was about to swallow the moon, Mayans called it a Jaguar. Chinese called it a dragon and in Ibdia it was believed unfortunate for a pregnant woman.Much biblical prophecies are being encountered telling controversial myths and significances of the day but this Lunar Eclipse is totally safe and infact is not much rare. The Eclipse tetrads have occured before as well and 21st Century itself encountered nine sets of tetrads which makes it obvious that the occurence is sort of frequent. The next two of this tetrad will be in april 2015 and September 2015. The next series of total
Lunar Ecplise will not occur until the year 2032.

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