Blue Whale Game : Police stops class 10 girl from jumping into river to commit suicide,narrates horrific story

JODHPUR, Sep 05 : The infamous Blue Whale challenge has been in news for a over a month-and-a-half now for making vulnerable teenagers indulge in self-harming acts and ultimately taking their own lives.

In yet another case, Jodhpur Police averted a Blue Whale suicide last night by rescuing a Class 10 student who tried jumping into a river to kill  herself.

This is the first case of Blue Whale Challenge attempted by a girl, and is the first case to be reported from Rajasthan.

While patrolling an area near Kaylana point, Jodhpur Police officials noticed the girl making rounds there and decided to follow her. Seeing she was about to jump into the river, they stopped her. An investigation revealed that she had a whale mark on her hand (one of the tasks of the Blue Whale challenge). We do not know yet if it is carved using a sharp object or drawn.

The girl claimed that she decided to jump so that her parents are not harmed. The girl was crying & said if she didn’t complete the game her Mother would die. This ascertains the assumption that the curators (those who allot the tasks) could be threatening and even blackmailing the victims. The girl was crying & said if she didn’t complete the game her Mother will die.

To control the spread of this challenge, the Modi government had directed internet majors.. Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo — to immediately remove the ‘links’ of this dangerous online game.

Just that there are no ‘links’ to the Blue Whale Challenge. The curators and victims have a one-to-one interaction and that’s how the tasks are allotted and proofs are provided.

The Madras High Court has initiated suo motu proceedings in the matter and directed Central and Tamil Nadu government to explore possibilities of banning it.

Banning the Blue Whale Challenge is, however, an illogical goal simply because it cannot be.

Justices KK Sasidharan and GR Swaminathan of Madurai bench issued notice to the Union Information and Broadcasting Secretary and State Home Secretary and IT department and made several suggestions. The bench directed that IIT-Madras Director be included in the case to offer suggestions to ban such online games, PTI reported.