Blue Whale game : They will kill me, player cries for help

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CHENNAI, Sep 02 : On Thursday, a hysterical 12-year-old from Tirupur in Tamil Nadu called the state-operated 104 helpline: “They will kill me and family,” he told the counsellor.

When the counsellor at the other end asked who, there was a pause before the boy confessed that he had entered the sinister ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ and he wanted to get out.

After a number of suicides across the country having been linked to the dangerous online game, teenagers who have entered the ‘challenge’ are looking for exit routes.

“Most of them are scared to get out because they are being threatened with death or harm to their family,” said Dr Lakshmi Vijayakumar, founder of suicide prevention center Sneha.

Two leading psychiatrists said both of them had seen at least one child in the last three days who confessed to have participated in the game.
It was curiosity that had initially drawn both to the challenge, which entails an online administrator assigning them 50 tasks, most of them self-destructive. The last one is to commit suicide. One of the children was a 13-year-old from Chennai.