‘Blue Whale Suicide’? 14-year-old Jammu boy commits suicide two days before his birthday (Watch Video)

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A 14-year-old boy Kanav Sharma, a student of KC intenational school, Paloura, Jammu allegedly committed suicide owing to exam pressure.

The father told U4UVoice that a few hours before committing suicide, his mother scolded him and told him to go and study. Parents said that the boy was quiet since past few days and had no excitement of his birthday which falls on the 2nd September.

The boy committed suicide on 30th August. “He was extremely tense since past few days as his exams were approaching and he was not prepared”, told a family member to U4UVoice.

Though the neighbours are suggesting that boy was an avid gamer and was engrossed in the Blue whale game, the mobile phone records revealed no such evidence.


The police are probing if the death is related to Blue Whale suicide challenge, an online social media group that allegedly goads vulnerable teens into killing themselves.

Nothing related to Blue Whale was found in the boy’s mobile phone and his parents are unware if any such thing could be related to their child’s death. However, the boy’s friends on certain WhatsApp groups chatted about his death being linked to the suicide challenge.

Blue Whale challenge, which calls on participants via social media to complete a dangerous self-harm challenge over a period of 50 days, allegedly encourages them to win the game by committing suicide. The tasks range from harming self, watching scary movies to waking up at unusual hours, media reported. According to reports, teh dangerous game has killed more than 100 children in Russia and UK