Blurring Present of Gandhi Bhawan- A place For calm is now a place for clutter?


A recent visit by U4UVoice team at Gandhi Bhawan, Jammu, it was distressing to spot the meagre view of the place supposed to be hygienic and peaceful. Two central elements of Gandhi ji’s School of thought were missing.

Krishna Mehta,  who was the founder of the place in Jammu was blessed with two sons but she always saw Gandhi Bhawan as her third child. She built the place brick by brick. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Ji gave her five thousand rupees for the place to be built and she had worked truly hard for it. According to a member of Gandhi Seva Sadan, because of Krishna Mehta the place is still running and is footing where it is. The lady really worked hard to maintain the discipline of the organisation but somehow her hard work seems to be slowly blurring away.

gandhi bhawan Jammu gandhi bhawan Jammu

Gandhi Bhawan is a concept run by the Government of India, and is a semi government organsation to acknowledge the father of the nation and practise his beliefs which is supposed to have two major parts i.e. Gandhi Bhawan Trust and Gandhi Seva Sadan.

But, Unfortunately in the premises of Jammu it has another part i.e. in shape of illegal occupants residing there. Reportedly, there is a chaukidar’s family who now lives in the first room along the entrance. The family also also owns a ferocious dog due to which the visiotrs face a lot of difficulties.

img_0661 gandhi bhawan Jammu gandhi bhawan Jammu

The watchman’s family has occupied four rooms in the whole property and they reside right in the entrance of the Bhawan with offices behind it. Illegal possession is another downbeat element that totally disturbs the curriculum of the place. Random people are residing inside the property without any notice of the concerned authorities. There are quarters just behind the bhawan which have huge area and are occupied by illegal occupants on trust bais and they apparently pay no rent. The present employees working there have no place to live


gandhi bhawan Jammu

The view of the place is as filthy to the extent of being obnoxious. The property is simply misused by the so called “Sevadar’s” of Gandhi Bhawan. The staircases are full of wastes and litter, the hall upstairs is also in a shoddy condition.

Apart from the cleanliness factor, there is another factor which has caused the decline of this pristine Bhawan. Sale of khadi, was massive before, but presently the clock wheel is running in an another direction, resulting in the place losing its soul and is not get what it deserves.

There are three parts of the Bhawan –

  1. Gandhi Bhawan Trust
  2. Gandhi Seva Sanstha
  3. The occupants who live there illegally.

The secretary of the trust, Mr. Sandeep Singh Pathania reportedly ignores everything and he even refused telling us why the condition of the bhawan is so horrific and as per our Sources, he does not take much initiative to work on things and doesn’t come to office for long days and there is no check on it.

P.L Joshi who is presently the Vice Chairman of Gandhi Seva Sadan and was Former Secretary of the trust informed us that the name is declining day by day due to poor preservation. The Discipline of the Bhawan has declined the parking was once in great order and is now a bus stand. Nobody was allowed in the premises without any reason before, He felt really sad explaining the painful shrink of the organisation.

There is no accountability of any employee working in the organisation. The concerned authorities must look over the matter before it’s too late.