Bollywood Actor Arjun Rampal’s brother-in-law booked by police for allegedly molesting Air hostess

Arjun Rampal‘s brother-in-law has been booked by the Mumbai police for allegedly molesting, poisoning and threatening an air hostess, reports Mumbai Mirror.
Amit Gill, who is married to Rampal’s sister Komal, reportedly invited the victim to his residence and spiked her drink following which he took obscene photographs of her. Police officials told Mumbai Mirror that the victim had lent Rs 18 lakh to Amit Gill as he had promised to provide her with a good return on it. However, Amit Gill did not return her the money and instead threatened to release her nude pictures online if she continued asking him for the same

The air hostess works with a private airline and lives in Mumbai, police said, adding that she met Amit Gill through a mutual friend at a suburban hotel in the Maharashtra capital. “My common friend told me she had invested around Rs 80 lakh with Gill, and he was offering good returns. She advised me to also invest with Gill and said he could also help me get the Rs 5 lakh a friend in Dubai owed to me, as he [Gill] knew several people in there,” Mumbai Mirror quoted the victim as saying.

Thereafter, she gave Rs 18 lakh to Amit Gill from a fixed deposit that she had with the mutual friend as a witness. “There was an agreement made between Gill and the victim’s mother about the same. Gill had promised returns at 3 per cent per month to the victim, who thought that with this interest money, she would be able to take care of her mother, who was all alone in Mumbai, as the victim mostly stayed in Abu Dhabi for work,” a police officer from Santacruz police station told Mumbai Mirror.

The victim, soon after, asked Amit Gill for her money along with the interest following which, he issued a cheque that bounced. Amit, thus told her that he had transferred Rs 14 lakh to her bank but the victim, after checking her bank statement, realised that she had received only Rs 12 lakh.

“This was on June 15, 2017. I started demanding the remaining Rs 6 lakh with interest from Gill, and he started threatening me and even sent me some obscene pictures of me, telling me not to ask for money, or he would post my obscene photos on social media,” the victim told Mumbai Mirror.

Two years ago, she recalled, Amit Gill had invited her to his Mumbai residence before she was leaving for Abu Dhabi. When she enquired about her money, he said that he had lost contact with their common friend. “When I demanded my money, he offered me something to drink, and I had asked for cold coffee,” she said.

Amit Gill, she told Mumbai Mirror, allegedly spiked her drink and ‘touched her private parts’ apart from filming her obscene pictures. Paramjit Singh Dahiya, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone IX, said that a case has been filed against Amit Gill and the matter is being investigated.

Mumbai Mirror reports that Amit Gill has been booked under Sections 328 (causing hurt by means of poison, etc), 354 (sexual harassment and punishment for sexual harassment), and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code.


Image Courtesy: Mumbai Mirror

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