Bollywood explores Kashmir yet again, Faisal Khan makes ‘Chinar’ based on Renzushah’s novel



Faisal Khan reveals new Bollywood film “Chinar” on Monday.

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Faisal, brother of Bollywood Ace Aamir Khan, said that he and his family studied the novel “Jheel Jhalti Hai” by Khawaja Farooq Renzushah  and after full deliberation, have decided to return to film acting as ‘Jamal’. one of the strongest Kashmiri character projected in the novel.

Our family has great contribution in Bollywood films. My father Tahir Hussain and my uncle Nasir Hussain produced various super hits in early 70’s. the major portion of which were shot at Kashmir like Karwaan, Anamika, ,Hamara Khandaan , Phir Wahi Dil Laya Hoon, Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai, Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin, Yaadon Ki Baaraat, Teesri Manzil which inspired me since my childhood about the beauty and characters of Kashmir. Working in Jamal is the main challenge as the entire story revolves around Kashmir and Chinar was the one of the first film after floods which were shot from 25th of December,” Khan said at the press conference.

He said this novel has a story line which symbolizes each and every character, situation and solution of Kashmir as it projects triumph of love over hate. “Even in the film Jamal is hanged but he continues to be hero because of his emotional and repulsive character having sincerity in the heart,” Khan said appreciating Renzushah, the author of novel ‘Jheel Jhalti hai’ among several others.

He also complimented Film producer Rajesh Jain, and Director Sharik Minhaj for their contribution for working on Chinar. This movie comes following the trail of recent films on Kashmir like Haider, Lamha  and Mission Kashmir but he said that Chinar is a most effective, heart piercing story which covers all the fascist of Kashmir for the first time.

Renzushah expressed his gratitude to Faisal Khan, Rajesh Jain, Sharik Minhaj and their families for selecting his novel for Bollywood film and said“Giving status to my novel to be the first novel of its kind on which mega Bollywood film is being made is the rare honor to any writer or author. No doubt most Oscar awarded films are based on novels like Slum Dog and in film industries of the world there is a trend to make films on novels. But selection of my novel encourages me further to play my role in contributing in the literary field.

“‘Jheel Jhalti Hai’ is the novel which attains the title of Chinar in the film on my suggestion because Jheel Jhalti Hai was always attributed as water on fire. I wished that now word fire on Aatish should be deleted from titles of books and films. When you call Aatish Chinar you set Chinar on fire and people sensitive people feel hurt. Similarly when you set water on fire it conveys helplessness. Therefore simple title Chinar is itself message of soothing shadow to all slaughtered hearts, hurt feelings, burning waters and Aatish (fire) concealed in the soil of Kashmir as Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal has rightly pointed out,” he said.

On this occasion Sharik Minhaj has also pointed out that he feels honor in projecting such a mega novel Chinar in Kashmir. “Film makers would earlier shoot in Kashmir and give name of Manali to locations but this is the first film where novelist is from Kashmir and all characters are typical Kashmiri characters as well as all locations of Kashmir similarly, all situations of Kashmir,” he said.

Film producers said that much effort was put in selecting the characters for the film “as we have to keep Kashmir features in the mind.”

Faisal khan who had earlier reservation to return to film acting was persuaded for long as his features resemble with the Kashmiri character Jamal and only he could do the justice with the film. After earlier refusal by him it was his wife, Mariam who prevailed over him to return to acting line because the Jamal character is one of the unique character so far projected in any film even he remains hero of the film when law of the land hangs him for his crimes,” he added.

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