Bomb rumour at DPS Jammu scares school administration stiff

Jammu, August 5: The administration of Delhi Public School located at Shaheedi Chowk Jammu had a tough day yesterday when a bomb rumour in the parking sent the daily working into a tizzy.

It all started with the presence of a suspicious object in the parking area of the school and upon finding out the parents of the school students rushed to its premises.

City Police and a team from Pir Mitha reached the spot after they were informed about the presence of the suspicious object.

Geometry Box Bomb Hoax

The police team upon investigation found a geometry box in the parking of a school which was in the form of a small robot and had a watch affixed in its design. It was only after the box was secured and it was found that the geometry box had no explosive content that the school administration and the police heaved a breath.

The incident was reported yesterday at around 2 pm when the school had just gotten over and the children had started moving towards the parking to board their buses. The parking has benches for students to sit and this is where the geometry box was found.

The Police control room was informed immediately as was the school administration and when this suspicious looking object was checked, it turned out to be the geometry box of a student.

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