BOPEE marred with inefficiency and scandals



The Board of Professional Entrance Exams (BOPEE), which has been accused of serious corruption charges of selling Common Entrance Test papers in 2012 further followed by paper leak scam in 2013, is now faced with the arduous task of conducting CET 2015 in which nearly 29,000 students are to appear. The exam will ensure the selection of over 2000 candidates at undergraduate level in various medical, engineering, agriculture and veterinary science colleges of the state.

BOPEE’s recent blooper of issuing an admit card to a cow has already increased apprehensions among students who say that the exam body has not learnt much from past experiences and is barely transparent in its approach. The students expressed their rage accusing the exam body of corruption, adding, “How can an exam body, whose ex chairman sold question papers and fabricated the list of selected students, be trusted?” After the scandal also, BOPEE could note ensure the safety of question papers and had mixed biology and chemistry papers during the 2013 entrance examination. Such careless activities are just a discouragement to the students who out their sweat in these competitive exams. BOPEE’s scandalous acts made the exam body face a huge outcry and hence the exam body introduced online examination application process, to do away with the manual scrutiny of the application forms.

After the students expressed their rage over the serious corruption charges and favoritism against some of the officials, the online system was introduced, told BOPP Controller of Examinations Farooq Ahmad, adding that the issuance of admit cards as well as allotment of centres to the candidates was done purely online. Nevertheless, the recent admit card hoax has just exposed the loopholes of the online process of BOPEE.