Bow Fails! When PM Modi’s Arrow Missed The Target (Watch Video)

Grow with Us

New Delhi: At the Red Fort Ground in New Delhi last evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took aim with a bow and arrow at the effigy of Ravana as a symbolic gesture to mark Dussehra festivities.

But it was not meant to be.

As the PM drew the string of the bow, the shot failed. Undeterred, the PM tried again, only to realise that the bow had broken.

Thinking quickly, the PM then threw the arrow with his hand like a javelin, a smile on his face.


On stage next to Mr Modi were former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Ram Nath Kovind.

Addressing the gathering present there, PM Modi said festivals are not mere events of festivities but are also a medium to educate the society. He said these festivals keep us aware about the values in the society and teach us to live together as one community.

“I urge everyone to ‘sankalp’ of positive contribution for the nation by 2022, when the nation celebrates its 75th year of Independence,” PM Modi added.

Speaking after the PM, President Kovind said Lord Ram’s values are still extremely relevant for humanity today.

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, is a festival that celebrates Lord Ram’s victory over Ravana and the triumph of good over evil.