Boy commits suicide for not clearing JEE; Girl commits suicide for clearing it


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Not able to get through the JEE exam, a 12th standard student, Neeraj Dogra, who was just 17 years old committed suicide.

When a child enters the 12th standard, it is usually asked of him to crack his way into the Entrance Exams and get enrolled into the best of colleges. For a Non-Medical student aspiring to be an Engineer, JEE exam is of utmost importance. And being one of the most challenging exams of the country, students work day in and day out to crack it.

boy jumps into river


Presently residing in Domana, Neeraj had appeared in one the most crucial entrance exams of the country, the result of which was declaredon Wednesday. When he found out that he had failed to qualify, a sense of shame and humiliation ran all over him. He responded to the first thought that came to his mind, and he jumped off the new bridge on the Chenab River in Akhnoor.

Before jumping in, he left his bag and took off his shoes and left a note that read, “Notify my parents about me by calling the number 94191*****, and tell them that their son is now with Babaji”.

Seeing him jump, the people nearby immediately informed the police and the police then came at the scene, where they found his note and the number and they called the family. Soon the police as well as some locals jumped into the river to search for the body, but since the river was surging at the time, it wasn’t possible to find.

In a completely opposite but related case, a 17-year old girl committed suicide at Kota after she cleared the JEE entrance. Her reason for suicide was that she did not want to pursue engineering and was being forced to take up a course she had no interest in.  She was preparing for the entrance in one of the many institutes at Kota and left a five-page suicide note before she jumped off the building where she had been temporarily living. She was declared brought dead to the hospital.

It is indeed a very sad incident and the fact that many students commit suicide in our country after they fail to crack an exam and also the fact that they are under a constant pressure of excelling in academics by their parents all their life. Boys and girls, just out of school, have to decide the career option that they are to pursue and not being able to fulfil their parents expectations of them, puts them in a really demanding situation. Parents should be able to understand this fact and be able to communicate to their children and vice versa.

A life is way more precious than petty exams and sooner the society understands that, lesser would be the deaths because of academic failures.