Boy fakes own abduction to avoid facing family after splurging money partying


Noida: A 20-year-old man has been arrested in Noida for allegedly concocting a story about his own abduction and misleading police with false information, officials said on Wednesday.

Rizwan did this because he had spent Rs 5,000 in partying with friends and was scared to face his family, the officials said.

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Sector 45 resident Mohd Shamsuddin had approached the Sector 39 police station on Tuesday afternoon with a complaint that he was getting messages from Rizwan’s phone that his son has been abducted, an official said.

“The messages read that Rizwan has been abducted by four men who had come in an SUV. They have lifted his scooter and robbed him off Rs 5,000 and were taking him to jungles near Dadri to kill him,” a police official said.

Investigation was taken up immediately and Rizwan’s phone number was tracked but his location was traced to Surajpur in Greater Noida, contrary to what was claimed in the messages, the official said.

A police team reached the traced location of the phone number and found Rizwan alright near the Surajpur police station, he added.