Boy jumps into Tawi near Gujjar Nagar


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A boy jumps into River Tawi near Gujjar Nagar bridge. He has been identified as Subash who is a resident of Qasim Nagar, Narwal and is merely 20 yrs old. Subash works as a sales boy in a shop.

boy jumps in tawi

On of his neighbors from Narwal recognized him while he was lying unconscious. According to the locals, after half an hour of the incident, the police were merely spectating the entire scene instead of helping the boy. It was only after the locals went ahead to get him out, that the police joined them.


boy jumps in tawi 2

The boy was breathing heavily and was partly in water and partly on stones when he landed in Tawi.


He was taken to GMC in the police vehicle where he is being treated now.