Braid Cutting: NC demands Resignation of government


National Conference (NC) on Tuesday staged a protest in Srinagar to protest against the alleged failure of the government to prevent braid-chopping of women in Kashmir valley.

Over a dozen women workers of the NC marched from Nawa-e-Subh headquarters of the party to Polo View to protest the government’s alleged failure to ensure security of women.

The protesters were led by MLA Habba Kadal Shameema Firdous.

Talking to reporters, Firdous demanded the resignation of the Chief Minister for “failing to provide security to women in the valley.”

“It is the government’s responsibility to provide security to everyone, including women,” she said, adding that women were feeling unsafe even after inside the four walls of their homes.

She said women were feeling unsafe even after bolting their doors and windows.


“If they have failed to provide security to women, they (government) should resign,” said Firdous.

Hair of dozens of young girls and women in many parts of the Valley has been mysteriously found chopped during the past month.

These girls and women have told their families and police that unknown persons cut their hair after knocking them unconscious with some spray.

The police have formed Special Investigation Teams to probe the incidents. However, so far the police and the authorities have been clueless.

The police have announced a reward of Rs six lakh for credible information leading to arrest of any person behind braid chopping incidents. So far, no arrests have been made.

At several places, vigilante mobs have thrashed innocents mistaking them for braid choppers.