Brand new Ferrari worth Rs 2.2 crore goes up in flames within an hour of purchase


United Kingdom, July 29 : Often road accident turns out ugly with driver receiving a major hit.

But in this shocking case from the United Kingdom, a driver in South Yorkshire walked away with just minor cuts and bruises from what looks like a near-fatal car accident.

The driver watched his newly bought Ferrari 430 Scuderia which costs around Rs 2.2 crore, go up in smoke after he crashed the car only an hour after collecting it.

Police said the car had crashed off a motorway because of wet road conditions, sliding through a field and ending up 50 metres down a bank before it caught fire.“Road conditions were wet at the time and vehicle left the carriageway and burst into flames.” South Yorkshire Police said in their Facebook post.

The police were amazed and shocked after noticing the state of the driver.

“We found the driver and were amazed to see he only had minor cuts and bruises!” police said.

Ferrari 430 Scuderia is a lightweight car, simple and striking, with a distinctive engine and exhaust sound. Seven times World Champion, Michael Schumacher, was also involved in the car’s development.

Therefore, one of those cars which every car lover would want to drive.

Anyway, police wanted the citizens to learn from this accident and left the note which asks drivers to be more careful with their cars.

“Over the past couple of weeks there has been a number of collisions where driving styles have not reflected the road & weather conditions. Please take more care!” police added.

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