Bravo! Watch how this Kashmiri Girl Fought the Braid Chopping ‘Ghost’ (Watch Video)


First woman victim of unsuccessful braid chopping explains how she fought the ‘ghost’


Sakina W/o Mohammad Altaf Hajam R/O Hajam Mohalla Nowgam Srinagar , Sakina said that she was Busy in my work when two masked men appeared near her & tried to render her unconscious. “I pushed them away and started running. They started chasing me.” She hit her husband, while running, upon which they got terrified and started running in opposite direction.

Soon her family gathered and they went out of sight.

People of the area assembled & protested against the incident.

Police in a bid to disperse the protesters used force, which further aggravated the protetors and & they started chanting the anti police slogans resulting in scuffle between police & protesters.

Police used full might to disintegrate the mob.

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