Breaking! 16-year-old Raped, Murdered by Smashing Head With Brick


Gurugram, Mar 21: A 16-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a truck driver on Sidhrawali village on Monday. The accused, who was thrashed by locals and later arrested by police, allegedly repeatedly thrashed the victim’s head with a brick in an attempt to murder her and later stuffed her body in a sack. “It could have been any other woman, including myself. I want that man hanged or burnt to death in front of me,” her shocked sister told TOI.

The victim was alone when the accused, identified as Gajender, sneaked into her house and raped her. Her 23-year-old sister had spotted the accused fleeing when she raised an alarm. Hearing her screams, the locals nabbed the accused and thrashed him before handing him over to the police. Police on Tuesday said the post-mortem of the girl had confirmed rape.

The victim had dropped out of school a few years ago. The victim’s parents, farm labourers, had gone to a nearby farm with her younger brother to work. The locals believe that the accused must have stuffed her mouth with something that they couldn’t hear her screams.

“When the elder sister came running for help, we didn’t know what was happening. At first, we had assumed the man had misbehaved with her, so we ran to catch him. Young men from the village joined, as he was cornered on the far side of NH-8, which is just behind the victim’s house. His clothes were all bloodied at the time,” one of the locals told TOI.

Another local said that when she entered the house, she saw the victim’s head and chest sticking out of a sack. “Her face pointed downwards, she was partially undressed, and her clothes were torn,” she added.

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