Bride raped by tantrik, brother-in-law to save husband from ill omen on the wedding night

Acting on a tantrik’s advice, a man and his family conspired to get his bride raped by her brother-in-law and a tantrik on the wedding night. When the victim confronted them the next morning, they allegedly told her that it was necessary to ward off the threat to her husband’s life.

On Saturday, nearly a week after her ‘nikah’ on September 15, the woman and her family got a complaint registered in the matter at the Lisari gate police station in Meerut.

Police said a case had been registered and the tantrik and her brother-in-law had been charged with rape. “In the FIR, she has also accused her husband and in-laws of conspiring to get her raped,” said superintendent of police (city) Man Singh Chauhan.

The victim is a resident of Lisari gate area. She was married to a cloth trader of Pilakhwa in Hapur district. She said that after the wedding ceremony she was given an intoxicating drink that dulled her senses, and she could not put up a fight against what happened to her next.

 The woman told cops that in place of her husband, a stranger (the tantrik) and her brother-in-law entered her room that night and raped her.

The next morning when she regained consciousness, she confronted her husband’s family. She said her in-laws’ reply shocked her. They told her that the tantrik had told them to do so as her husband would have died had he spent the wedding night with her.

They reportedly also told her that now they would also find a treasure buried under their house.

The woman returned with her kin to her house in Meerut where she shared the ghastly incident with her parents. Her stunned family then approached the police.