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Brotherhood: Muslims in Kashmir lend shoulder to last journey of a Hindu Man

Srinagar, 26 April: For all those elements who believe that redemption is not possible for Kashmir and its people, here is a real life event to prove them wrong. The locals in Kashmir, be it a Hindu, a Muslim, or a Sikh, still have affection for each other. An elderly Hindu man died in the Maharaj Jung area of the valley and it was the Muslims of that area who helped perform his last rites.

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kashmiri-pandit last rites

Dhanraj Malhotra was suffering from a chronic illness and on Saturday finally left abode. The old man lives with his son, Bharat Malhotra in Srinagar. According to him, in the 90’s when all the Kashmiris fled from the valley under the threat of violence that prevailed there, Dhanraj Malhotra had decided to stay back and not leave the land he calls his home. His elder brother was shot dead during the turmoil in Kashmir, and his son, Deepak also lived with his Uncle. Deepak recalled how his Uncle never lost hope of actual ‘acche din’.

The Muslims living in the neighbourhood consider it their duty to do what they did. According to a teenager Altaf, who lives in the locality, said that they have always heard about the brotherhood amongst the Kashmiris and that they would always stand by each other in times of need.

Let’s hope, the ‘others’, the ones who so openly defy being even the part of this nation, would learn something, anything.