Brothers behead teen sister; march around village with bleeding head


Uttar Pradesh, August 19: A shocking event of honor killing has once again took place in Uttar Pradesh when two brothers beheaded their sister in a village in the Paraur area of UP’s Shahjahanpur district only because she was having a love affair.The girl Phool Jehan was beheaded after she refused to adhere to their demand and end her relationship with her lover.
The deceased girl lived with her father and her four brothers. She was in love with a man named Mohammad Achchan, who was also their cousin. According to the girl’s lover, after his family came to know of their relationship, they reached out to the girl’s family and requested that their nikah be solemnised.
All the members of both family, except two brothers, Gul Hasan ,25, and his brother Nanhey, 20, were in agreement. They had an altercation with their elder sister and asked her to end this relationship. But she refused and was beaten up brutally. She left for her Mohammad’s house immediately. The girl had, in fact, stayed at the cousin’s place overnight, as per reports.
After seeing their sister at her lover’s place, they dragged her away and beheaded her. The brothers were so enraged that they even carried the severed, bleeding head of their 17-year-old sister around the village.
They were bragging and shouting, “Dekho, hamne apni behen ko maar dala aur pyar karney ki yehi sazaa hoti hai (See, we have killed our sister and this is the punishment for having a love affair).”
Later on the village watchman informed the police, who reached the spot and sent the body for postmortem. While police have managed to arrest one of the brothers, the other is on the run with the sister’s head.

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