BSNL Rs. 155 prepaid recharge offers 34GB data; available to all subscribers


BSNL Rs. 155 data STV is now available for purchase to all subscribers. The data STV was earlier being offered on a promotional basis and is now regularised. The Rs. 155 STV offers 2GB of data per day for 17 days. In addition, BSNL has revised its Data STVs of Rs. 14, Rs. 29, Rs 40, Rs. 57, Rs. 68, Rs. 78, Rs. 82, Rs. 85, Rs. 198 and Rs. 241 prepaid packs.

BSNL RS. 155 Data STV, as mentioned, includes 2GB of data per day for 17 days and that totals to 34 GB during the validity period. Being regularised, it is now available for purchase without any expiry date. Earlier, the STV  was introduced as a promotional offering for 90 days.

BSNL has been updating its DATA STVs to match the offerings from Reliance Jio. BSNL has introduced the Rs. 155 and Rs. 198 recharges to take on Jio’s Rs. 149 and Rs. 198 prepaid recharges. Reliance Jio Rs. 149 prepaid recharge offers 1.5GB data per day and has a validity of 28 days. Similarly, Jio Rs. 198 prepaid pack comes with 2GB data per day and validity of 28 days.

On the other hand, BSNL Rs. 57 data STV now offers 1GB data and has a validity period of 21 days. Following the revision, BSNL’s offering is unmatched by other telecom operators. BSNL Rs. 14 data STV provides 1GB of data with a validity of one day. Earlier, the plan offered 500Mb of data with the same validity period.

BSNL Rs. 40 data STV includes 1GB of data with a validity of five days. On the other hand, Rs. 68, Rs. 78 and Rs. 82 data STV provides 2GB, 4GB and 4GB of data for five, three and four days respectively. The Rs. 82 data STV also offers Personalised Ring Back Tone (PRBT). Finally, BSNL RS. 155 data STV provides users with 2GB of data per day for 17 days and total to 34GB of data during the validity period.

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