Bahujan Samaj Party National Gen.Sec.& Member Parliament Narinder Kashyap during his tour of the areas where Pakistani Shelling is going on in full swing made tributes to the people who lost their lives in Pakistan Shelling and made scathing attack on the Prime Minister Sh.Narender Modi and said that till some time back the same Narender Modi ji used to make roars in his public speeches that Prime Minister of that time is in-capable and is doing nothing in this behalf and is not giving any befitting reply,has kept a mum over these day to day shellings and cease fire violations where our innocent people are dying,their properties are being damaged and loss of humans & animals is taken place and no steps have been taken for that nor even re- habilitation of these people have been done.

Mr.Kashyap even pin pointed the casual approach of the government where Sikhs were beaten and attacks were made on them in Pakistan & Malatia and asked the Central government to take adquete steps for tackling these burning issues immediately other wise BSP will come on roads.

Other important persons who accompanied Mr.Kashyap include Member Parliament Rajya Sabha Awatar Singh Karimpuri, State Co-Ordinators Gurnam Choudhary & Parkash Bharti, State President Tulsi Dass Langeh,State Vice President R.L.Chadgotra,State Gen.Sec.Rakesh Wazir,Ex.MLA Som Nath,S.R.Majotra, Rattan lal Bhagat ,Pawan Kundel etc.

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