Bureaucrats score as politicians remain absent during Sikh protests

sikh protestIt goes to the credit of the police, and civil administration that it ultimately managed to defuse the tension caused due to protests by the Sikh community who were protesting against the death of a youth. It is a different matter that commemorating Sant Jarnail Singh Bhndrawale is quite a controversial matter in the wake of the fact that the nation has suffered badly due to terrorism. It would have been better keeping in view the sentiments of all the communities that this remembrance was kept a low key affair.

Celebrating leaders who are not role models is fraught with dangers as impressionable youth take inspiration from their actions.

Whatever has happened cant be undone but the manner in which this issue was handled politically by BJP, and PDP government makes it very clear that these parties still have to learn a lot as far governing the state is concerned. The lack of experience particularly in the BJP rank and file was clear because neither the elected MLAs, nor ministers of the party or the Deputy CM came forward to hold dialogue with protesters, and defuse the tense situation. It was left to the police and civil officials to negotiate with the protesters. If none of the elected leaders have the ability to take a community into confidence, then this means that there is a big disconnect between the public, and ruling class. It was left to police officials, and bureaucrats to take lead as politicians took a back seat, and this does not augur well for democracy. It is sad that our leaders have to take cover of the bureaucracy to defuse problems which they should have handled as they have the popular mandate of the masses.

A bureaucrat has expertise in resolving the problem in hand but he has little perspective of the larger issues involved, and impact their give and take policy could have on the larger society. A precious life of a young Sikh youth was wasted during the protests, and a police official is struggling for his life. Both the cases should be brought to conclusion, and those responsible for both these crimes should be accounted, and punished as per law. Whatever may be the reason neither the police, nor the mob is above the law, and the state government has to send this message in clear terms else there could be more trouble in the months to come.

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