Burglar stole 4 lakh rupees from the marriage ceremony

Close-up. Arrested man handcuffed hands at the back

Gharota police has arrested the burglar who entered the house and stole lakhs of rupees and jewellery from the house during the wedding ceremony. The police have recovered 4 lakh rupees from the man.

The man has been identified as Harjit Singh resident of Sambalwala.

The wedding ceremony was going on in the house of Ratan Singh resident of Gharota on Monday. All the family members were busy in the ceremony. Taking the advantage of this, a man entered the house and stole lakhs of rupees from the almirah.

As soon as Ratan Singh got to know about the loss, he informed the police. The SHO Gharota had started the investigation after he was informed. Some people told that Ratan Singh was seen in the room for the last time.

The police immediately started questioning  from Harjit Singh. Firstly he denied the fact that he stole the cash and jewellery from their house. But after sometime he accepted the fact and police recovered Rs.3,95,000 from him.

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