Burhan Wani was killed because his HM boss betrayed him


There were many tales about how Burhan Wani was killed. The most talked about take was that Burhan Wani, was betrayed by the girl he loved because he was fresh in love with another woman. The tale is highly improbable for multiple reasons but here is a more logically relevant theory based on inputs picked up by the intelligence.

The inputs indicate that the Hizbul Mujahideen Militant was given away by none other than his Supreme commander Salauddin and the Hizbul Mujahideen’s benefactor, the ISI. That Security forces tracked him down to a hideout in Kokernag and then neutralised alongwith two associates has been reported widely. But who gave him away has only been theorised, albeit incorrectly and almost illogically.

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Burhan Wani was wanted in at least 15 cases of terrorism. Some newspapers and national media channels stretched imagination saying Burhan Wani was quite a Casanova and a woman he had cheated on told the security forces about his location. Separatists accuse his associate Sartaj’s uncle of being a police informer.

Now it may not be true either but the more reasonable and only logically sensible theory which is built on inputs from intelligence is that Burhan Wani was let down by his supreme commander Salauddin and the Hizbul Mujahideen’s benefactor, the ISI.

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It is a credible reminder, more so for the jihad-wannabes,  that even in the Salauddin, chief of the so-called United Jihad Council, has gotten removed commanders who had begun to gain popularity and threatened to overshadow his stature in the terrorist organisation.  The ISI, equally responsible in the creation of Hizbul Mujahideen has been complicit in Salauddin’s efforts to remain the sole leader.

It is easier for the ISI to control one boss and any rising militant commander in Kashmir, such as Burhan Wani, does not fit into the ISI’s scheme of things. Even the terrorist organizations follow the same route in outgrowing others or for weeding out threats. Historically, one terrorist organization anywhere in the world has always grown to marginalise another. Hizbul Mujahideen came alive only to strike off JKLF.

Burhan was handpicked by Salauddin for multiple reasons and his being tech-savvy was prime in the list other than his chocolate boy looks. Unprecedentedly, for Salauddin and ISI Burhan Wani gained popularity faster than they could ever process or imagine. It would not be wrong to say either that the immense support in the valley also meant that Burhan’s goals had been expanding.

Naturally when Hafiz Saeed said publicly that Burhan Wani was in touch with him, Salauddin as well as the ISI would have paid a great amount of heed to that. For Salauddin and ISI this could have directly meant that Burhan was trying to get free of their command.

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Then there is this factor to assess carefully. Burhan Wani had managed to escape many security forces’ attacks. Then there was the fact that there have been a total of 199 successful strikes since the beginning of last year.

Many papers postulated that Burhan Wani could have become become an informer and this likely made Salauddin and his ISI mentors suspicious.

In killing Burhan Wani, Salauddin and the ISI managed to hit two birds with a single stone. The militant wannabes should pay attention to this one fact.

They got rid of a rising threat in the valley that could have rendered them useless. If ISI would become useless in Kashmir, it would severely dent Pakistan’s terror role in Kashmir and that is by no means acceptable to our neighbour.

Second, what Burhan could not manage in life, his death managed in Kashmir. By timely killing Burhan Wani, Salauddin and the ISI have raged a fire in Kashmir that so far has consumed atleast 45 lives.

It is not for the first time that Kashmir has bled. It is not for the first time that venom has been spewed to rage fires inside places of worship in Kashmir. The protests are not a first time occurrence either. It has happened before and will happen again.

There are lessons for all in the Burhan Wani aftermath but is anyone listening?