Burhan Wani’s poster allegedly resurfaces at NIT Srinagar

Srinagar, August 11: It was recently reported that slain Militant commander, Burhan Wani’s posters had surfaced at NIT Srinagar in a report by certain National papers. That piece of news was summarily rejected by the J&K Police and the administration at NIT Srinagar which nullified any such posters as rumours.

However, the posters featuring Burhan Wani’s dead body have allegedly again surfaced according to unconfirmed reports.


The poster reads the following in English that is difficult to understand but the message is clear,

“This is to inform all the gumptious people of the Kashmir to persuade the current ongoing independence movement to its goal this is the correct time after 2010. As we are all aware form the pros and cones of movement 2010 in order to keep all that in mind keep your business concerns closed in daytime and carry on your business matters (essential commodities) during night after Maghrib Salah. So that we will favour the sacrifice of commander Burhan Muzaffer Wani and Lakhs of other martyrs. Take this movement collectively to its decisive end.

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