Burhan wanted to join Indian Army: Burhan Wani’s father

Srinagar, September 26: In an interview with the Times of India Burhan Wani’s father Muzaffar Wani has spoken about his son’s aspirations to join the Indian Army as a child.

“When he was 10, he told an Indian Army officer that he wanted to join the Army. He said this when a raid was being conducted to search militants in our village.” said the senior Wani.

He also said that his son loved to play cricket and would have loved to play cricket for India and not Pakistan.

Burhan whose killing in July sparked off a chain of violence in Kashmir, had left his home six years ago to join the militants. Though his father claimed that he had only met his son two or three times since then, he had tried to convince him to return.

“For two months before this encounter, I tried my best to convince him. His year of birth was 1994. I told him that he was born during the peak of instability and that it was obvious that he felt the pain, “he further added.

He also said that he is certain his youngest son Naveed will study and not pick up arms and he wants his daughter Iram Jahan, who is in college, to become a teacher.

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Image Courtesy – Times Of India

2 thoughts on “Burhan wanted to join Indian Army: Burhan Wani’s father

  • September 27, 2016 at 12:54 am

    if it was for the parents and the family , their children wouldn’t have picked arms , and would’ve returned. No family ever wants their children or member to pick arms .they do worry. If it was in their power , they wouldn’t let them go….stoning , killing , creating ruckus , hurting themselves, or getting involved in any way , be it for azaadi or anything else.

    • September 27, 2016 at 10:36 am

      Sensibly people and parents must Condemn evil, Terrorism, discrimination on basis of religion. Otherwise there is no difference between Aurangzeb, ISIS and them.


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