Burqa clad Women set snake free in jeweller’s shop, steal gold

RAMPUR, Aug 31 : Two women carried out a unique heist at a jewellery shop here, by releasing a snake into the shop.While the startled owner fled in fear, the women decamped with lakhs in gold jewellery , according to police officials, who have filed an FIR.

 The incident took place on August 25. According to the complaint filed by Parishosh Chandiwala, who runs a jewellery showroom in Meston Ganj, two burqa-clad women first released the reptile into his shop.
He tried to get rid of it at first, but in vain, and finally fled to safety. Meanwhile, he alleged, the women entered the establishment and de camped with 13 tolas (approximately 151gms) of gold jewellery worth lakhs of rupees.

Police told , “We have registered an FIR against the two unidentified women.” Cops have also asked Chandiwala¬†to produce CCTV footage of the incident.

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