#ByeByeJKBank campaign sends tremors to JK Bank

Jammu — Amid rising controversies of alleged discrepancy in the selection process for the post of Relationship Executive (RE), the anguished candidates have drafted a case and presented before the Legal Services Committee, J&K.

U4UVoice talked to the candidates who informed that a collective case of Jammu will be drafted, followed by prosecution of the JK Bank in the Court of Law.

One of the candidates whose selection was arbitrarily reduced to the post of ‘Clerk’ said, “The candidates are disappointed and distressed. After 2 years of conduction of the examination, the declared results are dubious.” He added, “We are going to pursue this case as the candidates have been blatantly harassed by the manner in which the JK Bank has responded.” The J&K bank has sent caveat letters to the candidates warning them to not involve in the legal procedures prosecuting the bank for its discrepancies. The candidate added, “This shows the impact of the voice of the mass that J&K Bank is now resorting to placate candidates individually by sending caveat letters.” He said, “It’s difficult to identify one bank authority that can be held accountable for the malpractices as they maintain no transparency and fall out of the ambit of the RTI.”

The candidates have demanded that the J&K must adhere to its promises and absorb all the selected candidates for the post of Relationship Executive ‘only’.

Another candidate said, “The senior candidates in their late 20s have suffered the most.” The 2-year waiting period seems an inordinate duration as many candidates virtually crossed the upper-age limit for the desired post by the time of the result declaration. She adds, “This movement is not about me or any individual. This has become a matter of injustice, so noticeable in our State which needs a correction now.”

The J&K Bank faces pressure as the #ByeByeJKBank campaign gains momentum. The campaign has set a chain reaction as the people are closing their JK bank accounts permanently in a way to protest. The students are determined to drag the alleged ‘corrupt’ J&K bank to the Court of Law and pursue the case until justice is delivered.

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2 thoughts on “#ByeByeJKBank campaign sends tremors to JK Bank

  • March 17, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    This is utter nonsense and injustice done by the so called ‘Most reputed organisation of our state’..I m 28 now and wont be able to give any of these jk bank exams in the future….We all waited eagerly to get the result in our favour but what we eventually got is NOTHING…Having said that if we would’ve got result in our favour these 2 years would’ve not mattered to any one of us,but interviewed for a specific post and getting appointments for some other post or getting nothing at all is questionable…If they never wanted to select a candidate from a non-proffessional background like me they should’ve mentioned it in the notification…Why graduation????Morons…Cant u guys be more specific that u r looking for someone from banking,insurance,mba background…And above all selecting candidates who are already working in some or the other place is like sprinkling salt on our wounds….This is how u r empowering the state????By giving jobs to already working people and increasing the unemployment to another level…We all are highly dissapointed and want some really action against the defaulters who are filling their pockets and providing a back door entries to the non-deserving ones just because they have something we lack-Money…Highly dissapointed and want legal action against the organisation…Suppport the campaign as much as possible #ByeByeJKbank

  • March 18, 2017 at 12:34 pm

    I am also one of the dropouts of the r.e exam and i also want to join the protest so those who are already in this protest please include me also . My contact number is : 7006025946


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