#ByeByeJKBank takes media by storm, people closing JK bank A/C in protest


Jammu, March 15: A new social media trend #ByeByeJKBank has taken over in the State where anguished citizens and bank customers are determined to teach a lesson to J&K Bank for its shady internal organisation and processes that raise doubts. Amid many controversies the Bank has often found itself in, one of the recent issues of the results of RE exam has left the people disappointed and in a state of ‘anger’.

The selection list released almost after 2 years from the day of examination, is being alleged to have been made arbitrarily. Moreover, out of thousands of students who appeared for the examination for the post of RE (Relationship Executive), only a trickle had been selected. The candidates have expressed deep concerns and resentment towards the J&K Bank for alleged discrepancies and the policy of non-transparency that it maintains.

In a strong way to protest, a hashtag campaign ‘ByeByeJKBank’ has taken social media by storm in which distressed citizens are closing their bank accounts. More and more people are joining this campaign against the corrupt, ostensible manner in which the bank functions.

In a recent development, the bank has started sending caveats to the candidates who haven’t been shortlisted. U4UVoice tried contacting the authorities regarding the same, but no one was found on the other side. While this move is a pro-active step from the bank’s side, this is for the first time an ace authority like JK Bank has issued caveats to around 1000 candidates, via registered post costing them around Rs. 50 per person.

What is a Caveat?

A formal notice or warning given by an interested party to a court, judge, or ministerial officer in opposition to certain acts within his or her power and jurisdiction.

The reason why JK Bank has issued caveat is yet unknown but it is being speculated that due to apprehensions of an alleged loophole in the selection process, the bank has taken this action to be on a safer side. Neither the marks, nor the waiting list was released by the bank. This has raised many a questions in minds of the candidates, as this time the exam was conducted by IBPS. “If all examination procedure was same as that in IBPS why was the result declared in dubious manner?”, questioned a candidate.

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If you also feel cheated by bank’s callous attitude and zero transparency in RE results, go ahead and update your status with hashtag #ByeByeJKBank

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