Call for Hindu CM from Jammu is nothing but hogwash, alleges Jammu civil society


jammuAll J&K Movement for Peace & Justice has described the remarks of one of the Congress minister that next Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir should be a Hindu as opportunistic, and meant to stir a controversy at the the time of election. S. Deep Singh, Kuldeep Kumar Rao, Dr. G.S. Charak and Romesh Lal Bhagat, who are members of the movement asserted that under the present system Kashmir province has 46 assembly seats and Jammu province has 37 assembly seats despite the fact that Jammu province is much bigger than Kashmir both in area & population. Under this state of affairs it is impossible to have CM of any caste or religion from Jammu Province and talking about Hindu CM is just a cry in wilderness. It would have been better if delimitation would have been implemented by amending the 29th amendment bill by which the next delimitation of the state would take place before census 2026. The special status of the state under article 370 cannot come on way in the constitutional amendment as it never come when 29th amendment was passed. How these parties adopt criminal silence in the state assembly in 2002 when 29th amendment was passed they questioned?

They also criticized the drama always being played by Jammu based opposition parties either by walking out from the Assembly in the name of delimitation commission or cry over discrimination with Jammu region on all front only during election times and termed it as an act to befool the Jammunities for the purpose of publicity and nothing else. They also strongly assailed the congress for its failure to come true to its promise for de-limitation made during 2008 state assembly election. The Jammu based opposition leaders as also congress party should have introduced a bill in assembly to amend the constitutional amendment banning formation of de-limitation commission after census 2026 i.e. next de-limitation can be formed after census 2031 only. The PDP had also promised to constitute de-limitation commission in its common minimum programme when in power in 2002 with Congress.

These party leaders instead of taking legal course simply cry hoarse to through dust into the eyes of common people. They further wondered that hollow slogans of NC, PDP and also congress about so called equitable development for all the three regions, is simply a drama and in fact they are exposed over such a significant injustice with Jammu Division. They said that total voters of assembly segments of Karnah 27,672, Gurez 15,676, Habba Kadal 50,780, Khanyar 52,159 is hardly equivalent to one Gandhi Nagar constituency of Jammu region having around 1.50 lacs. voters & Jammu west with 1,42000 voters, which is an open disparity with Jammu. The Highest voter constituency in Kashmir division is 70,000 & lowest is 27,000 & the Highest constituency in Jammu division is 1,50,000 & the lowest is 70,000. Is equitable development possible in this open discrepancy?

They have urged upon the Jammu based opposition leaders to stop shedding crocodile tears on Jammu politics and have failed to introduce amendment bill in the last budget session to ensured formation of de-limitation commission for the welfare of Jammu region. They further said that NC & PDP are chips of the same block and never want due share of Jammu in state assembly.

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