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Calling the relief package a cruel joke, Omar thrashes the PDP- BJP government


NC President and former CM Omar Abdullah today termed the recently announced interim relief package by the Centre as a cruel joke with the people of Jammu and Kashmir. He also expressed his bewilderment over the fact that Niti Aayog would assess the flood damage, “What was the role of CM?” he added. Lambasting the ruling government, Omar added, “I think the CM can sit back and let Niti Aayog run the state. The package of 2500 Crore is like rubbing salt onto the wounds of Kashmiris. The PDP BJP government is 111 days old and even the flood damages have yet to be assessed.”

omar floods


Not too long along, Omar had thrashed the government, saying that the “Agenda of Alliance” is just a bundle of lies which now lies exposed before the people who were counting on their promises.

He also attacked Mufti over Sopore killings, saying that he is keeping silent and his refusal to condemn Rajnath singh’ statements, seems worrisome.  He said, “The government has no answers and the situation is worsening.” He also expressed his rage over Drabu’s absence in the crucial meeting that discussed all this. Accusing PDP of carelessness he said that nobody expected PDP to abandon its poll-time promises in such a brazen fashion after coming in power.

omar mufti

He said that the failure of this partnership on the governance front is tragic and the two parties are just playing one cruel joke after another while the victims are still suffering months after the tragedy. He said that the financial crisis in the state is also because of PDP’s bad governance. “Mufti Sahab and his Finance Minister are solely responsible for the dry treasuries and the economic stagnation in the state,” he said.